The clock is ticking, and the final submission date for your dissertation is fast approaching. Are you still staring at a blank page, wondering how to structure a dissertation? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many students feel overwhelmed when it comes to writing or structuring a dissertation because it’s an exhausting activity that requires a lot of time and effort. Although, structuring dissertation it’s not easy – but it doesn’t necessarily need to be a painful process. Understanding the fundamental principles and steps involved in structuring your dissertation can significantly streamline your research process.  

Generally, the structure dissertation consists of several key components. Each component is equally important and adds significantly to the dissertation’s overall success. However, it is important to remember that not all dissertations have the same structure. For example, a humanities dissertation differs from a natural or social sciences dissertation. Similarly, the structure of your dissertation depends upon the topic of your research that you have chosen. 

Now, if you’ve completed your research, gathered all the information, and chosen a unique title for your dissertation, but still find it hard to complete your task on time. If that’s the case, you’ll find this blog to be a valuable asset. In this guide, we will cover every piece of information regarding how you can structure your dissertation. So, buckle up and get ready to skyrocket your grades to the next level by structuring your dissertation with the help of the steps we have mentioned below. Besides, you can also avail marketing assignment help online if you are struggling with structuring your marketing dissertation. 


The structure of dissertation refers to the organisation and arrangement of the research contents. It includes several key components such as the title page, acknowledgements, abstract, table of contents, introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, reference list, and appendix. Each component is equally important and contributes significantly to the dissertation’s overall success. However, the structure can vary depending on the field of study and the chosen research topic. Essentially, the structured dissertation reflects the research process of asking a well-defined question, investigating, and then answering the question.


Before you start working on your dissertation, keep in mind that the exact structure dissertation depends on several factors, including:

  • Your research approach (qualitative/quantitative)
  • Type of research design employed (exploratory, descriptive, etc.)
  • Requirements set by your academic institution.
  • The academic domain or area of study to which your research pertains


Here is the step-by-step guide on structuring your dissertation.


Your title page should not be too long or too descriptive it unusually contains your project title only. Moreover, you have to mentioned your complete name, your department name, and the name of your university. You should also mention the degree you have written the dissertation for and the month and year of your final dissertation submission. Lastly, the name of your supervisor.  


In this part of the dissertation, student highlight and thank to those who helped them in completing their dissertation. However, this part is not necessary so it is up student if he or she want to include the acknowledgement section in their dissertation.


If we talk about the abstract section, it contains a short summary of your paper. The things you need to include in your abstract are:

  • The main topic and your research aim
  • Methods of Your Research 
  • Summary of main results
  • Concluding statement

Create a Table of contents because it will provide your readers with a brief idea of the list of chapters that you cover in your dissertation. Alternatively, you can also consider hiring an Accounting Assignment Writing Service. They have professionals who can effectively handle such tasks, ensuring your work is organized and well-structured.


When you are done with creating a table of contents the next step is you have to itemise the figures and tables that you have used in your dissertation You can also insert a caption feature in Word to generate this list automatically.


If you include several abbreviations in your dissertation. Then providing an independent and alphabetised list of these abbreviations will make it easier for readers to understand their meanings.


If you think that you have used some terms and phrases in your structure dissertation that readers might not be familiar with. You can create a glossary that lists important phrases and terms along their meanings.


The introduction section of your dissertation will introduce the purpose of your research. Therefore, in this section, it’s necessary for you to briefly inform the readers about the relevance of your research. Also, list the aims and objectives of your nursing dissertation help online. Because it enables the readers to get an idea about the rest of the sections. Your introduction section should consist of the following information:

  • Background information on the topic
  • Research problem and research questions
  • The research aims & objectives
  • Purpose and relevance of your study
  • Significance and Scope of the Research
  • Overview of your dissertation structure

In this part, you are going to research some journal articles and better-quality publications associated with the industry which try to analyse the theories regarding the topic. These theories may be given by relevant authors. In the next stage, you can also discuss the gap that may be existing in the following paper and the reason behind the gap. Thirdly, you must generalise your observations that counter the theory of a specific author and provide reasons to justify it. Lastly, explain the authenticity of the insights derived by you. In the end, it’s necessary for you to express how you arrived at your conclusions from the previous findings. Like for example if you look at marketing assignment help online you’ll see that many marketers have taken examples from past research and marketing strategies that worked out for example the slogan I’m Lovin’ It from Mac McDonald’s is used quite frequently as a successful marketing technique


In the research methodology section, specify the research methods, strategies, and techniques that you are utilising. The methodology sections in the structure of a dissertation enable the professor to assess the validity. Moreover, the things you have to include in this section are:

  • Overall approach and type of research
  • Method of gathering information and data
  • Techniques of analysing information.
  • Materials and Tools for Performing Research.
  • Discuss every single issue you have faced while performing research.

The structure dissertation also includes an additional section known as the ‘Results’ section. In this section, you present the findings of your research. Moreover, it can be centered around a hypothesis, questions, etc. so, it’s crucial to report results that are relevant to your objectives and research questions. In some research fields, it’s necessary to write the discussions and results in separate sections. Like when you get an accounting assignment writing service you must have noticed that the structure of the dissertation is different from the regular theoretical dissertation and hence they need separate sections for a complete analysis. 


In the discussion section for your dissertation, you have to interpret and analyse all the key findings of your dissertation. Furthermore, also sheds light on the outcomes of your study and whether you were successful in achieving your research objectives or not. Prior to composing the discussion section, consider these guiding inquiries:

  • Were you able to answer the research questions correctly?
  • Did you test the hypothesis successfully?
  • Did you come across any unexpected results? How will you explain the unexpected outcomes?
  • Did any research constraints influence your findings?


In this section of the structure dissertation, you must clearly state the answer to the research question. After writing the conclusion, make sure that it enables the reader to develop an understanding of critical arguments. According to the basic structure of a dissertation, you need first to write an overall conclusion. After that, you need to discuss and interpret the meaning.


The reference section includes a list of all references cited in your dissertation. You have to cite the references as per the required format, such as APA, MLA or Harvard.


Lastly, appendices contain important information which directly contributes to answering your research questions. The dissertation’s appendices include the interview transcript, questionnaire form, additional tables, and figures.


In this informative blog we discuss every single step require in structuring a dissertation according to layout. Because a well-organised structure is essential for getting good marks. Another fact summarised from the above is that the structure of the dissertation is wholly based on the type of investigation you intend to perform.

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